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The Next NWTA is on
29th of May 2008
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Who Is The New Warrior
Men have been warriors since the beginning of time and every man has his warrior side. But social forces pressure many to repress this part of themselves. They unconsciously substitute a distorted shadow for the healthy warrior energy so essential to sustaining individual and communal balance.

The New Warrior is a man who has confronted this destructive "shadow" form and has achieved hard-won ownership of the highly focused, aggressive energy that empowers and shapes the inner masculine self. Sustained by this new energy, the New Warrior is at once tough and loving, wild and gentle, fierce and tolerant. He lives passionately and compassionately, because he has learned to live his mission with integrity, and without apology.

Our Statement of Purpose
"We are an order of men called to reclaim the sacred masculine for our time through initiation, training, and action in the world."

Like a stone dropping into a pond, the New Warrior Training sends ripples through the lives of men, their families, and their communities.

There are more than 730 New Warriors in the New Mexico Community. New Warriors are men that have been initiated through attending a New Warrior Adventure Training Weekend. The weekend programs are held in New Mexico, throughout the United States and Internationally.

The ManKind Project uses a highly motivated and experienced staff to lead the training programs. Most staff members are volunteers; these men have all been through the training and have a passion for assisting other men on their journeys. A core group of trained, certified men facilitate the basic processes on the weekend.

A key truth of the training program is that you direct your own training through the responses and decisions you make along your journey. The staff serves as your guides and mentors, but you choose your own level of commitment, and the depth to which you will explore the inner terrain of your life.

The weekend Trainings begin on Friday afternoons and finish on Sunday. The New Mexico New Warrior Trainings take place in the mountains of New Mexico in a scenic and remote area. The training site offers men a chance to do their work in a safe and spiritual setting.

We empower men and women to live to their full potential, trusting that they will co-create the healthy solutions needed by society. We foster Loving Families, Strong Communities, and Productive Workplaces in a sustainable environment.

Our intention is twofold. To enable men to live lives of integrity, accountability, and connection to feeling. To be of service to the community at large, both as individual men with a renewed sense of passion and personal responsibility, and as communities of men working together to build sustainable relationships.