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"The ManKind Project New Mexico has been an invaluable resource to me in the past two and a half years, as I made a major mid-life transition. Not only did the weekend  enhance my ability to work successfully with profound change, but the ongoing support of the weekly group that forms after the training has added significantly to my 'tool box'. Men often believe that we must go through difficult times essentially alone...it's time we change that paradigm. I can be reached at 505-992-8382 or by e-mail, ."


"The ManKind Project work has changed the entire way I live my life. The work provided me with an 'umbrella' (my personal mission statement) under which I do most everything. If something doesn't fit under the umbrella, I don't waste time on it. My relationship to prosperity is much more fearless and confident now. The work has shown me how to use the power behind my fears to open new doors. I am not alone anymore; I feel an ever present foundation of men's love and support that I take with me wherever I go." (Bert is a former pilot and Vietnam Vet.)

505-343-1486 (Alan lives in Albq.)


"For me, being involved with the ManKind Project has given me a foundation built in the masculine. Not the shadow masculine I once feared, but the true husband, father and warrior, accountable for all my actions. This clarity is how I choose to live my life. With the blessing and support from my brothers now I can choose to walk into my fears and create my own reality." Peter Hill-Ehlers