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How to Find a Woman for the Real Man

Places where there is a high probability of meeting "the one" and making a fateful acquaintance.

On the Internet

The most obvious option to find local hookups. Modern life suggests that the easiest way to find a girl is on a dating site or in an application for them. However, not everything is so simple: those who met there quite rarely create strong alliances.

However, the internet should not be discarded as an option. Think about your hobbies and head to the appropriate forums and various sites to discuss certain hobbies, be it paragliding or knitting (what if you are that weird guy who likes to knit?). So at least the likelihood of meeting a soul mate will increase and you will already have something to talk about on first dates.

In hobby clubs

The principle of "thematic" search extends to reality. If you are that lucky person who has time to pursue your hobby and go to meetings of the same enthusiasts, take a good look around there. Suddenly a lonely young lady is sitting next to her, and she is interested in the same thing as you!

Old school version: if you like good books and Turgenev girls, go to readings. They are held in libraries and bookstores, and the percentage of women among those present there is much higher than that of men. Then discuss the book - why not a date?

You can find the girl of your dreams in hobby clubs

Actually, without reading it is also possible and necessary to get acquainted in a bookstore. It will be easier to understand what kind of person is in front of you, by the books that he (in our case, she) is considering.

In gyms

There is a whole army of girls who go to the gym just to get acquainted. Really. They can be recognized by their makeup and neat hairstyle instead of a banal ponytail.

You can also meet while jogging (though a puffing interlocutor is not very sexy), cycling, swimming - there are a lot of options.

By the way, winter is the time for dating at the rink. Girls are very disposed to this, because on skates they feel touching and beautiful.

At the game "Mafia" or something else

You can sign up for such games and come at a pre-agreed time to a cozy cafe, being unfamiliar with anyone, and leave there with a voice cut off from laughter and shouts, a whole group of new friends ... and a girl! Suitable for those who have no experience in this game, and hard-core "Cattani commissars".

At training workshops and courses

This is a whole unpaved field for searches. Cooking classes? Excellent. Call and ask who visits them more often: couples or singles. And if there are singles, then are they divided into pairs and what is the contingent.

Dance workshop? Perfectly. Paired? Yes, you will be torn off with arms and legs: there are always not enough partners. Yoga workshops? You will also become calmer.

Attention, life hack: if you register for master classes, open lessons and games in social networks, you can study the lists of participants and their pages. So you will come prepared and you will know who is married, who has a broken heart, and who is ready for a new relationship!

At concerts

The plus is that at a live performance of your favorite group, under the influence of the moment and emotions, acquaintances simply happen with a bang.

The downside is loud music. Yes, we remember that you came for her. If you can't bang the guitar riffs to ask the name of a beautiful stranger, then, at worst, show your sympathy for the young lady in the dance. Although no, suddenly scare you. :)

You can find the girl of your dreams at concerts

It is possible to find a dream girl at concerts of classical music, but difficult. First, the contingent there is specific, for the most part highly spiritual. Secondly, there must be silence. As an option: all three hours of the concert, you turn your head, studying the environment, and at the end, run to get acquainted.

In shops

Oh, yes, you are a sly one if you have chosen “female territory” for acquaintance, such as a cosmetics or tableware store. Approach a pretty young lady and ask for advice, making an unhappy face: “It is very difficult for such a lonely man like me to make a choice himself, can you smell me? How do you like this perfume? And let's pick more pots together, you are so good at it. "

Every girl has a need to help, save, regret and so on. It would be foolish not to play this, and even in such an innocent and sweet way.


In fact, it doesn't really matter where exactly to look for the girl. The life hacker gave you hints that are not limited to. If you are looking at young ladies in the subway or in a cafe and one of them will smile at you or hold a meaningful look, do not be shy, be a man and walk towards fate. What if it is She?


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